Soleil bleu par Wellmann. Spring collection

The new spring 2012 collection by Soleil bleu par Wellmann has been designed around the collection books Salon and Resort.

Whilst the Salon collection presents a combination of high pile fabrics and fine silk qualities which were inspired by the elegant “Belle Epoque” theme, the Resort collection features a charming maritime flair.

Natural materials like linen, cotton and wool lend the collection its expressive character.
Extravagant prints, beautiful embroideries alongside room-high decoration fabrics and elegant jacquards complete both themes.
Just like in the previous collections, all the upholstery fabrics have a natural fibre content of at least 75%.
Across all collection books Soleil Bleu par Wellmann is also available in Trevira CS.
Salon and Canapé.
The “Belle Epoque” stirs memories of a sparkling and carefree era
featuring elegant dresses and private soirées, from the literary cabaret
of Montmartre to the splendid salons.
Aristocracy and “Grande Bourgeoisie” celebrate the alluring multiplicity
of Paris chichi luxury: exclusive fashion, precious jewellery and exquisite treasures for home and table.
The whole of Paris seems to promenade …The Salon collection, designed for exclusive interior schemes, is the epitome of sophistication, femininity and elegance and features six
new colour themes.
The upholstery fabrics feature the two velvet stripes Palais and Concert, the embroidered velvet quality Opera and the very soft plain velvet Mondaine in a stonewashed look.
The ground material of all articles is a viscose/cotton blend.
Palais and Concert are extremely soft fabrics and have a very dense pile. The sections with an open ground lend the fabrics a threedimensional look. Opera presents an ornamental design created with an embroidery technique.
Mondaine is additionally offered in a separate collection book featuring 24 sophisticated colour options.
The three-dimensional plain blister fabric Caprice contrasts elegantly with the soft velvet fabrics.
The silk fabrics Aristokrat and Rondo, which also include velvet sections, as well as the small-patterned plain article Luna complete the Salon decoration fabric collection.
A multicolour stripe design adorns Aristokrat, whilst Rondo features a two-colour polka dot pattern. The alternation between the pile fabric and flat woven sections creates a highly luxurious look in both designs.

The fine-thread fabric Luna is also available as a hanger sample featuring 19 sophisticated shades.
Alongside the combination collection Salon, the Canapé book is also offered and exclusively contains the above-mentioned upholstery fabrics.
A selection of decorative prints, elegant jacquards and high-quality embroideries adds to the range of decoration fabrics.
The embroidered quality Papillon and the matching stripe Amélie give a feminine and elegant look.
The ground material of Papillon is a floral pattern embossed on a satin ground. Soft butterflies designed in an embroidery technique adorn the fabric. The alternation between fine satin and structured ribbed sections lends the multicolour stripe Amélie an elegant, sporty touch.
The printed fabric Montmartre resembles the art of graphic prints during the turn of the century and captures the frivolous flair of the cabaret in an amusing way. There are two colourways available.
The embroidered quality Cristal echoes the crystal carafes and glasses reflecting the
prevailing taste around 1900.
Soft flowering twigs add playful shades of colour.
Both fabrics consist of 100% fine, mercerised cotton.
An exquisite group of woven and lavishly embroidered silks completes this elegant furnishing theme.
The floral embroidery Eleganza is exquisite. The ground material is an elegant stripe design which is partially embroidered with floral motifs.
The fine-thread fabric Brillant presents a large damask design in a modern interpretation.
The fil coupé captivates with five smart colourways.
Clou features an impressive multicolour stripe design with a three-dimensional effect.

The idyllic scene of distant shores and the colours of the sea were the inspiration for a collection radiating maritime charm and an elegant, rustic flair.
Light and fresh summer colours including navy-blue, turquoise, lemon and coral-red combine with a brilliant white, and subtle sand tones radiate cosiness and nonchalance.
The nautically themed collection book Resort features five different upholstery fabrics with a natural look in five detailed colour options.
Natural materials like cotton, viscose and wool serve as ground fabrics for the multicolour stripe Neptun. The alternation between fine satin and structured chevron weaves lends the fabric an impressive look.
The check design Leukothea and the double fabric Orpheus which can be used on both sides offer a perfect complement.
Orpheus displays a subtle stripe pattern on the fabric, whilst the reverse features an elegant Vichycheck. An additional filling weft lends the fabric a voluminous character.
The two charming plains Titan and Nereus join the party.

Titan radiates a special cosiness.
The knitted fabric consists of100% wool and is underlaid with a nonwoven fabric on the reverse,
which fulfils all requirements for severe upholstery use.
Both articles are available in separate collection books with vas colour palettes.
The decoration fabrics are sure to inspire, from fancy prints and embroideries featuring maritime motifs, to fresh stripe combinations in different widths alongside
room-high plains and semi-transparent articles.
The very decorative linen stripe Poseidon, the structured plains Atlantis and Triton and the semi-transparent fabric Pontos are all fabrics with room-high widths.
Poseidon features a casual block stripe with a high linen content and a very soft feel. A narrow, brilliant stripe effect livens up the fabric.

The unusual look of the fabric Atlantis is achieved from a special flammé yarn made of linen.
Triton distinguishes itself by a dry feel and a melange surface.
Pontos captivates with a very supple feel which is created by the merino yarns used.
Olymp radiates a relaxed atmosphere. Created from 100% cotton, the fabric captivates with a fascinating colour palette featuring 32 shades. 50,000 rubs make Olymp suitable for upholstery use. The article is additionally offered in a collection book.

The embroidery design Atoll applies special accents with a large coral motif. The structured ground material in 100% linen and the supple wool embroidery yarn form an interesting material contrast.
The woven stripe design Neseia, made of 100% linen, and the stripe Thetis join the party. The interesting stripe effect on Thetis is achieved from an appliquéd 1 cm wide velvet border.
The colourful print design Great Barrier was inspired by the biggest coral reef on earth.
The two unusual print designs Tropicana and Laguna as well as the woven stripe Okeanos
complete the collection.

The room-high linen fabric Tropicana features a large floral pattern designed in vibrant
Laguna echoes a romantic fisher scene in the chinoiserie style.
The multicolour stripe design Okeanos consists of 100% linen. A satin weave makes the
fabric especially supple and lends it a very casual appearance.

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